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Программа для такси UpTaxi

How the program works

Receiving an order

The main function of the program for taxi order reception. When you call the customer, an order card opens. The card will display all the basic information about the client: phone number and customer name, history of its previous addresses, preferred options, bonus balance, customer rating.

After the dispatcher specifies where and where the customer will go, the cost of the trip and the approximate time of waiting for the car will be calculated.

Also, to order a taxi, a client can use a mobile application. In the event that the control room is experiencing a shortage of operators for receiving calls, you can enable the function auto-order.

программа учета такси

Driver actions

After the operator has saved the order, it begins to be distributed to the drivers. Distribution algorithm is set up by the taxi order manager. The distribution criteria include the driver’s distance to the customer, the driver’s time without work, the driver’s rating.

The driver receives the order in his mobile application and decides to take it or refuse. The driver sees the tariff, the price of the order, the address and the distance to the client calculated on the roads, taking into account the prohibited turns.

Travel cost calculation

In the program there are all popular costing mechanisms trips such as taximeter, calculation of a fixed price on roads, calculation of prices by areas or zones, price surcharges for zones.

The taximeter is a very flexible mechanism for calculating prices that allows you to take into account the cost of a trip depending on the traffic situation in the city. The taximeter has many settings that allow a very flexible calculation of the price taking into account the interests of both the driver and the customer.

по для такси

Dispatcher actions

The UpTaxi program is optimized for quick receipt and ordering. For reception of a call and opening of a card of the client it is enough to press one button. For convenience and faster receipt of the order, there are hotkeys for all actions of the dispatcher. Addresses can be entered from the address classifier or from the client address history. If the address does not exist, you can enter it manually. After entering the travel addresses in the card, the cost of the trip, the length of the route, the average time of the delivery will be reflected. The travel addresses and the route between them are displayed on the map embedded in the order card.

Informing about arrival

Gone are the days when the operator called the customer and invited the client to the car. Now work robots. Built-in program autoinformer will call the client and tell about all the changes for the order. You can also connect SMS informing.

по для службы такси

The program for taxi UpTaxi

Choosing work with the program UpTaxi you get a whole range of tools aimed at providing high-quality taxi service. The program has a huge functionality that allows you to effectively save your time and money by automating business processes of taxis.

A big advantage of our program is the distributed Call-center. The distributed Call-center is inherently the exchange of calls. UpTaxi system now has 8 Call-centers, all of them are competitors among themselves. This approach allows you to buy the Call Center services at the best price, choosing the appropriate quality. At the same time, you can connect all Call Centers at the same time, setting each priority. At the same time, if you have your own operators, you can become a Call Center and earn free time for operators.

The program of automation of taxi services UpTaxi consists of many modules that cover all business processes of a taxi. This is not only the reception of the order by the operator and the fulfillment by the driver, but also the ready-made schemes of development. The program embodies the experience gained by years of successful taxi dispatch services.

The program confirmed its efficiency at real loads: about 10,000 orders a day, 550 drivers on the line. The serviceability of the program is monitored by the monitoring system and in the event of abnormal situations, technical support is notified, and if necessary, the customer’s representative.

The UpTaxi taxi program is a cloud-based solution for the automation of any dispatch service or taxi park. We do not sell the program modules, packages or anything else. We provide access to the full functionality of the program for a certain percentage of its use.

In fact, the cloud option means the lease of software, i.e. the program itself is not sold, it is located either on the remote server of the company, or on the client’s server.

The variant of placing the software on its own server is discussed individually.

Our percentage for using the software is automatically deducted from each successful order (write-off from the driver) carried out on our program. The interest is charged throughout the period of use.

In the section Prices The conditions for granting access are set out. It is important to understand that the calculation directly depends on the number of orders per day.

This approach, combined with the test period provided by us, allows you to open your own control room with minimal investments or to smoothly change the security if the business is already working, but the software you are using does not satisfy you.

UpTaxi is a relatively young product, but this is its undeniable advantage. It takes into account all the needs of modern services, is functional, withstands colossal loads and at the same time, the software is very plastic.

We, of course, are proud of the created product. It is based on the principles of fairness and the maximum benefit from using the system. The interests of all players in the process are taken into account: management – personnel – client. The product is convenient and easy to use, understandable and financially accessible.


How to automate the taxi dispatch service?

You can fill out an application on the site. We will answer all your questions. We will find out the equipment of your service at the current moment and provide full information about what you need to do or, possibly, purchase, so that we can quickly connect your business to the program. All work is done remotely. Technical support is available 24/7 for free. How much does the program for taxi UPTAXI cost in the price menu.

Video presentation of the program