Ищите лучшую программу такси? Выгоды прогараммы UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi
best taxi program

Benefits of the UpTaxi program

The benefits of automating the business processes of dispatching and taxi services have long been obvious to all and proven by experience. UpTaxi along with other taxi automation programs allows you to optimize the work of the call center, the time spent on receiving and processing the order, provide the fastest way to the client, the loyalty of the drivers and the client, provide management the ability to track all processes and get reliable information about their business.

But try to find a better offer for the price and terms of connection, and you will be surprised.

  • Completeness of the functional and its implementation.
  • Free trial period.
  • Round-the-clock technical. support without additional subscription fees.
  • Remote and fast installation.
  • Training and assistance in the development of the program staff.

There is a very fine line between the capabilities of the program and its benefits, benefits.

Anyway, but there is a certain standard set of functions that no one surprises.

If you take the auto-allocation order, as a functional component, this will not be an advantage. Autodiscovery is the basis of all software and everyone has it.

But the principle of auto-distribution, which we use, is quite another matter. Our autodistribution is carried out according to the graph of the city roads. This is the most wise, logical and expedient approach to the automatic distribution of orders to date.

Alternatively, take our own route routing algorithm: we do not use third-party Internet services, such as Yandex or Google, with auto-distribution, which results in a high speed search for the nearest driver.

Why UpTaxi? Because UpTaxi is a one-piece, multifunctional, modern and affordable product. So – profitable!