Автораспределение заказа и прокладка маршрута в ПО UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi


The program searches for the nearest driver on the road graph of the city, taking into account one-way traffic and banned turns. Thus, the order auto-allocation ensures a reduction in the driver’s idle run and the time of the board’s delivery to the destination.

Similar programs offer automatic distribution of orders “in a straight line”, implying that the taxi-cab nearest to the client will be found in this way. This is an erroneous judgment. We consider this approach to be outdated, limiting the possibilities of your business. Why on roads, instead of “on a straight line”? What is the advantage? Let’s consider an example.

The customer is on the other side of the river from the driver, or on the other side of the railway, or just on the other side of the road, and a few kilometers before the turn. The program distributes the order, picking up the nearest driver “in a straight line”, but does not take into account that the driver will have to make a big circle. The driver will take a good order, despite the long delivery distance, and will serve the car instead of a couple of minutes much longer. While the order had to be offered to the driver, which in a straight line should be 100-200 meters further, but along the roads – a few kilometers closer.

For many customers, waiting time for a taxi is a decisive factor and the second time such a customer can no longer call.

It is important to note that UpTaxi uses its own routing algorithm. When auto-distribution does not use third-party Internet services, such as Yandex or Google, as a result, we guarantee a high speed search for the nearest driver.

Counter Order

As already noted, the auto-distribution will search for the driver nearest to the client. Often the closest may be a driver who already works on the order and carries the client to the same area of the city, where the new order came from.

UpTaxi will offer such a driver to take a counter order.