Биржа водителей в программе для такси UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi

The functionality of the driver exchange in the UpTaxi program

Under the exchange it is considered to be an exchange of orders between taxi services operating on the same software.

We prefer to call this functional the stock exchange of drivers.
At the heart of the UpTaxi exchange is the same sale of the order to a third-party service, in cases where your service does not cope with the client flow. Or vice versa – redemption of orders from other services.

But the essence of our approach is that your client should remain your client!

The order will automatically go to the exchange, if your drivers do not pick it up for a given time. In this case, information about the order remains only with you and is not transferred to another company. There is a switching of the “foreign” driver to work with your order.

You have no problem tracking the status of an order by another company, because Your order is still in your company. When an order is placed on the exchange, auto allocation also works. The order will be offered to the nearest to the client the exchange driver.

When you place an order on the UpTaxi exchange, you exchange only drivers, and the order is continued by the company to which the customer called.

The software package for Taxi UpTaxi will give you the opportunity to always fulfill the incoming order with guaranteed quality.