Голосовое и СМС автоинформирование в ПО для такси UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Voice and SMS auto information (Asterisk automatic telephone exchange)

АТС Asterisk

Integration of IP ATC Asterisk with Uptaxi is a solution that will bring telephony in your service to a new level, namely:

  • organizes a full-fledged Call Center in your taxi service;
  • optimizes the cost of telephone communication;
  • if necessary, reduce the number of operators;
  • Increase the speed of processing orders;
  • will improve the quality of services provided.

IP ATC Asterisk does not require high-performance equipment.

For simultaneous processing of 20 calls, a system unit with a processor of 2 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, and 80 GB of hard disk will suffice.

IP-telephony (SIP, H323) connect to the IP ATC Asterisk without the purchase of additional equipment. To connect analog telephone lines, VoIP gateways are used. Thus, we get a Call Center with a multi-channel phone, the ability to share outgoing calls, to call mobile from mobile, to city from city. Using autoinformer allows the operator to work only to receive incoming calls from customers.


  • Definition of the number.
  • Dialing a number from the order card.
  • Record phone conversations, including the driver with the client.
  • Call Queue
  • Unlimited number of operators.
  • Unlimited number of external / internal lines.
  • Outbound call routing: mobile, city, mobile operators
  • Call Hold
  • Music in standby mode
  • Position scoring in the queue
  • Autoinformer for outgoing communication: automatic informing of customers about change of order status. For example, when accepting an order by a driver, the autoinformer will call the customer, say the following: “Taxi order service!” Blue Opel, state number 323 has left for you. ” For any state of the order, you can assign individual auto-dialing.
  • Autoinformer for incoming communication: automatic informing customers when an incoming call is about the current status of the order.
  • Prepare audio recordings for the autoinformer. A set of audio recordings used to run the autoinformer: a welcome phrase with the name of your service, a list of car brands, colors, etc.
  • Automatic reception of orders from city telephone numbers.
  • Call records: incoming, outgoing, missed.
  • Incoming telephony health monitoring system: you will know about the failure of the phone’s advertising number in a timely manner.

Voice auto information
Voice auto-information is one of the functions of the UpTaxi program, aimed at reducing the load on dispatchers. Automatic voice notification of customers on the phone about the status of their order: acceptance of the order through an intelligent IVR, notification of the brand and number of the car or customer’s invitation to the car, as well as voice questioning of the customer about the quality of the service at its completion. One-time use of this function with the SMS-information function greatly increases the probability and speed of information delivery to customers without the participation of the dispatcher.

SMS-auto information
The SMS module is an integral part of the UpTaxi taxi program designed for automated sending of SMS messages to drivers or customers.

Sending sms can be done either via smsp smsp, or through GSM gateways or from sim cards inserted into the phone on Android.

You retain the full right to use any sms aggregator of your choice. The company UpTaxi does not charge any commission for mailing.

With the help of our program you can make SMS messages to customers, drivers or an arbitrary list of phone numbers.

What can be configured for automatic sending?

  • A message with the car’s name and number.
  • Notice that the machine is being served.
  • Notice of the amount of the trip.
  • Notification of accrued bonuses.
  • Advertising information.
  • Other notices. For example, the invitation of drivers to leave on a line in a bad weather or an hour-peak.

The system of automatic notification of clients allows:

  • communicate clearly and in a timely manner the necessary information to the client
  • increase the speed of informing customers
  • fix the results of the notification;
  • reduce the cost of maintaining the dispatch service.