Дополнительные возможности программы для такси UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Additional features

Dynamic tariff change depending on the situation in the city.
In the UpTaxi the possibility of automatic tariff change is incorporated. So, during the period of peak loads to increase the interest of drivers in entering the line in principle or reducing refusals from orders, the tariff may be increased. And, conversely, with a decline in client activity and a large number of drivers on the line – downgraded.

It is important to understand that it is not uncommon now that a driver works at once with several dispatch services and monitors orders coming to him from several programs. Dynamic change of tariffs will be your competitive advantage, because during peak hours, your tariff is higher, and, therefore, more profitable and more interesting than the fixed rate of the competitor.

Tariffs can be managed both at the expense of the firm, and at the expense of the driver or client.

Server location in the European data center.
Becoming our client, you can be confident in the safety of your data, in the smooth operation of your business, in the reliability of equipment. You will reduce your costs for the acquisition, maintenance and maintenance of server hardware.

Motivational system for operators.
The system is based on the competitive approach of operators in terms of personal quantitative and qualitative performance indicators. The management of the service assigns a daily budget for the production of orders, which is distributed proportionally according to the results of the shift.

All write-offs and credits are automated, the management only needs to make the appropriate settings.

Separately, we note that the program also implemented the processing functionality of the dispatchers only their orders.

Automatic deletion of a long burning order.
Automatic deletion is carried out via callback to the client. The functional will facilitate the operator’s work during busy hours. The system will call the customer, notify that the car has not yet been appointed and will offer either to wait for a while or to cancel the order by clicking the appropriate buttons on the phone.

SMS informing the management team.
The program will notify you by SMS-notification of any malfunctions and difficulties that may arise in the work of your organization. You will always be aware of the current situation. If the dispatcher stops coping with the flow of calls or, for example, if there was a force majeure with your advertising number, and the incoming telephony began to malfunction, you will immediately know about it!

Black lists.

  • Black list of clients for the dispatcher. It is formed from the history of the client’s trips, his calls to the operator and management, false calls and other contact situations. It allows you to quickly identify a problematic client who has repeatedly shown himself to be unfair or even inadequate, that at least understand how to build a relationship with such a client and how best to process an order; allows you to be ready and know in advance the complexities that can arise when working with such a client. If a client is on the blacklist, then he has contacted you earlier and maybe even more than once. But, if he keeps calling you, it’s your regular customer, despite the fact that he’s a problem. Find an approach to it and align the situation.
  • Black list of drivers for the client. The client can also “bring” the driver to the blacklist, if he was disappointed in communicating with the driver, service, car. The client can do this independently in the mobile application or by contacting the service. In any case, the driver from the blacklist will no longer be offered orders from this customer.
  • Black list of stock market drivers. Using the exchange of drivers you can control the quality of service of your customers by drivers of third-party services as well as your own. Exclude dishonest or impolite drivers of exchange firms when working on your orders. Block the ability to take orders to drivers who are undesirable for your company.
  • Filter and rating of customers. The functional is intended for priority servicing of customers with a higher rating.

Locking / monitoring software in drivers on the phone
You can see what programs other than yours are still using the driver.

Control the distance to the passenger
Automation does not allow the driver to “fend off” earlier than 300 meters from the client. The customer will not have to leave before the car is actually served.

Chat between driver and operator.

Driver’s control system from customer’s calculations.

The system for receiving and processing complaints from passengers.

Individual unlimited for drivers.

Working with corporate / non-cash customers.

Automatic city / intercity tariff switching.

Administrator application for calling a taxi for restaurants, hotels, saunas, etc.