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Oleg Alexandrovich, owner and head of the taxi service “7-40” ectaxi.zp.ua, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.His path to success, Oleg Alexandrovich began in 1999. Over 16 years of development in this field, Oleg Alexandrovich has accumulated invaluable experience and knowledge, which now allows us to overcome the difficulties associated with the economic situation in the country and chaotic competition in the city.

“The taxi market in Zaporozhye is very dense. Let’s just say, only a lazy person does not work a taxi or does not consider it necessary to open his service, tk. here there is a stereotype of fast money in this area. Many virtual services. As a consequence, chaotic and stupid competition. New taxi business players enter the market with crazy dumping. Cars and maintenance at the same time leave much to be desired, and profitability is zero. In a word – piracy.

We started our work on radio stations. They wrote their own software for the stations and were pleased with the results of his work. A significant disadvantage then became a large staff of operators, serving a service on radios: 10 or more controllers per shift. The need to change something, to keep our positions in the oversaturated taxi market, and just the desire to keep up with the times, has led me to our first software.”

For all these years, the “7-40” service has changed five automation programs:

“When working with each program faced with different difficulties: where the lack of calculation on the taximeter, where the unthinkable price of the issue, where – just a weak functional.”

The UpTaxi program became the 5th software for the “7-40” service.

“We looked at everything, but especially important was the work with gps -sa-meter, navigation, referral systems, cartography. Of course, the service was also an important selection parameter for us.

Very pleased with the open dialogue with developers and support – this is a big plus. False desires are eliminated in the discussion, only really necessary and important moments and tasks remain. Like that guys quickly respond to our needs, correct mistakes and refine by request. UpAxi does not have any complaints. If there were, I would have long begun to sound the alarm, “pull” the management of the company and the guys out of support, or even to look for a new software.

Many thanks to the developers for their work, for their responsiveness and approach in their work. I believe that I was very lucky with UpTaxi, and they were lucky with me.”

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Eugene Lazarev. Service “Sevtaxi”, the city of Sevastopol. www.sevtaxi.com

“My father started a taxi business in 1998. We started from radio and worked for about 10 years. But they were the first in the city who switched to using the program.”

Sevastopol is now a city in which several large networked taxi services simultaneously coexist on the market. A big role is also played by seasonality of business, inherent in the southern, resort region. Fighting for its market share in such conditions is very difficult. A tangible contribution to this confrontation is made just by good automation:

“Thanks to the program UpTaxi we have improved the quality of passenger service, and drivers like it more. The first responses of our drivers: “This is a paradise for a taxi driver.” We have increased the number of orders, the staff of drivers has increased.”

UpTaxi is the second software after the radio, used in the service of “Sevtaxi”. There are, with what to compare:

“In the previous software, there was a lot that was not there, or it was poorly implemented and worked out for a long time. Those. there was practically no support, but most importantly, we could not get from them those moments that we needed: we asked to make bonus programs for customers, for drivers. And did not wait.

The company UpTaxi independently came to us. At that time, we were ready to change the program and were on the lookout. We met and found a common language. On the functional, everything that they were looking for was present.”

The transition to a new program in the taxi business is a process that is always painful and emotionally complex. Staff is skeptical about the new. And who does not?

At Evgeny’s service, the adaptation period for dispatchers took about 10 days, and the company completely “got on the rails” in a month and a half. Some may think that this is a long time, but, as the results show, it is more than justified!

“At the time of the transfer, they sank into the orders. It was so. But I can say that the performance of the company grew 2.5-3 times (depending on the season) compared to what they had before UpTaxi.”

What pleases?

“Since we have never worked with the stock exchange before, I can mark it separately. Now we are working, we like it. Auto-allocation of orders – immediate appointment of the driver. It even happened that the customers asked: “Why did you send me a car so early?”.

Are there any disadvantages?

“Until now, if any problems arose in the work of the program, those. support fixed everything quickly. Therefore, I do not think I will complain about specific shortcomings. For all time working with UpTaxi nothing was noticed.

Thanks for the quality and effective product! All that was stated, everything is present and working.”

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Dmitry Osadchy, Belgorod, service – “Alliance”. taxi222-222.ru

More than five years ago, Dmitry Osadchy founded a taxi service in Belgorod.

“Alliance” (Dmitry’s service) began, like many others, on radio sets and tapes in a notebook. After a while, Dmitry transferred the firm to their first software. Providing supported a minimal set of capabilities, so the first automation was barely enough to control orders.

But the technologies do not stand still, and the competition in the market of passenger transportation of any city requires a high level of service in connection with which they started moving on.

The next for the “Alliance” was the English program.

“At that time we were like aliens from outer space for passengers. The English are good, only representatives in Russia have failed, and nobody wanted to make changes for a concrete city. In general, again the question arose about the search for a new software. It was necessary to competently compete with “networkers” and their dumping.

I wanted everything at once, and it turned out with UpTaxi.

Thanks to UpTaxi, we entered the market with a hybrid mode of operation. The client wanted to know the fare, and we gave him that opportunity. Moreover, it is not easy to know, but to travel at this cost, which immediately increased the number of orders. On small volumes, growth was felt very strongly – for five months, they increased by key indicators by 70%.

The program completely suits me. I’m glad that the guys do not stand still. As the topic says.

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