Приём и обработка заказов | Мультипульт и call-центр
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Multipulse and call center

Call center UpTaxi
One dispatching office can receive and process orders from other control rooms operating on the UpTaxi program.

If you are a small company, and it is expensive for you to contain operators, you can connect to any other control room, which has operators in abundance. This can be done in full, or partially. For example, to redirect only those calls that were queued. If for some reason you can not take orders at night, redirect them to the control room, working around the clock (not to be confused with the usual redirection).

If you are a large dispatcher, then you can connect a few small firms to yourself, thereby providing your operators with additional work and earnings. If you have a familiar dispatch service in another time zone, then by combining, you will smooth out the peak hours and miss fewer calls.

In case you pay your operators less than 0.09 cents for one order, then it is especially advantageous for you to connect companies from large cities to your company and take the difference from them.


    • transferring the reception and processing of orders from other dispatching offices
    • transferring the reception and processing of orders to another control room
    • remote work of operators via the Internet
    • The system of priorities and queues when distributing calls to operators

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For today in our system there are some dispatcher specializing on reception of calls. The approximate price is from 0.09 cents for each successful order.

The multipulse will allow you to receive orders from different cities in one operator console. The program itself recognizes from which city the customer is calling, and the operator opens an order card for the desired city.