Программы лояльности и мотивации в ПО для такси UpTaxi
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Loyalty programs for client and driver

UpTaxi has several loyalty programs, both for the client and the driver, as well as a large number of motivational tools.

Bonus systems for customers
The “Client-Client” referral system is implemented through the mobile application of the program. Allows the client to invite his friends and acquaintances to use the services of your service, thereby replenishing your bonus account.

A very effective method of increasing customer loyalty is the accrual of bonuses / money for burned-out order. Compensate your client with an unpleasant impression about your service at a pleasant discount for the next order, and he will return to you, no matter what!

Your customer can also receive an automatic discount or additional bonuses to his account for agreeing to drive on economy class cars.

Motivation programs for drivers
For drivers, too, there are several referral systems. One of them is aimed at increasing the client base – a referral system of the type “Driver – Client”. It motivates drivers to assist in attracting clients for additional earnings.

Another system (driver-driver type) solves the problem of increasing the number of drivers in your service. So, by inviting your friends to work in your company, the driver receives financial gratitude from you. But not everything is so simple. In our referral system, the driver earns only when the driver leads the orders.

Your drivers will really like the penalty system for a “single” call. In the case when the machine is filed and the client has not left, the system will automatically write off the penalty on the customer’s bonus account and credit it in favor of the driver.

Moreover, in UpTaxi there is a rating system for drivers. It performs many tasks, including motivational ones. Raising its rating, the driver acquires a number of privileges in auto distribution. For example, a driver with a high rating will see pre-orders before his colleagues for 5 seconds (the time interval is set by the head of the service at his own discretion).

But in order for the rating to grow, the driver needs to work conscientiously: for starters, it will be enough to simply take those orders that the car distribution offers, go out at peak hours on the line, go out on the line in bad weather. For what to charge rating points to the driver, each leader can solve and adjust independently.