Прием заявки в программе такси UpTaxi: оператор, автозаказ, смс
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Receiving an order: operator, auto-order, SMS order

UpTaxi makes the application process as simple and fast as possible. When a call comes in (Asterisk-based telephony), it will determine the subscriber’s number in the dispatch system and show the client’s travel history. After specifying the addresses of the trip, the cost will be determined, the driver is appointed, the estimated time of delivery is calculated. UpTaxi works by the principle: the operator accepts the order, the rest is done by the program. Thanks to this approach, it takes 5-15 seconds to receive and process one order.

In our software, other ways of accepting the order are realized. Among them:

  • Auto-order
  • order by SMS;
  • on-line order
  • Order a taxi through a mobile application.

The purpose of an auto order is not only to reduce the load on the operator during peak hours, but also to reduce your staff costs. The system will help not to miss and process those orders that the dispatcher does not have time to take.

Not only will the program analyze the history of the client’s trips during peak hours, but the software will also determine that all operators are busy and instead of connecting to the dispatcher will offer the client 3 addresses from his previous trips, starting with the most frequent. Only if the client chooses nothing, the call will be transferred to the operator. If the customer has heard the right address and pressed the corresponding button on the phone, the order will be issued automatically.

Order by SMS
Another functional feature of the software, aimed at reducing the workload of staff.

The client only needs to send a text message to a short number indicating the address from which it must be collected (street, house). As soon as the client sends an SMS, the order will be automatically generated and the program will offer it to the nearest drivers.

Online order </ span> and order via mobile application </ span> are described in detail in the relevant sections.