Какая программа такси лучше? Ответим на все вопросы
Программа для такси UpTaxi

Frequently asked questions about the program

What do you need to connect to the program and start cooperation with you?

Start cooperation with us is very simple. Contact our manager in any way available to you: through an on-line consultant on the site, filling out the contact form by typing in skype or by phone indicated in the header of the site.

We will answer all your questions. We will find out the equipment of your service at the current moment and provide full information about what you need to do or, possibly, purchase, so that we can quickly connect your business to the program.

After that, within a day for your company will be prepared server. Upon the availability of the server, our technical support will contact you and install the program on your hardware.

All work is done remotely. To do this, you must have the TeamViewer 9 program installed on your computer, and for communication with technical support – the current account in skype.

Installing the program on your equipment, tech support gives you access (login / password). Next, you can begin to configure the software for the needs of your company and your city.

Technical support is available 24/7 for free.

What equipment do I need to purchase?

Equipment for workplaces depends more on whether you have your own operators or you decide to use a distributed call center. The program itself does not require high-performance equipment.

So, to work in the cloud with their own operators will need:

– Wired Internet channel from 1 Mbit

– Computer RAM from 4 GB (OS Windows 7 64 bit and higher)

– Monitor (minimum resolution of 1280 by 800)

– CPU no lower than Intel® Core™2 Duo E8400

– Installed Skype and TeamViewer QuickSupport

– Headset with microphone

– Drivers with Android phones with a GPS receiver

– SIP telephony channel or possibly GSM-modem or VoIP gateway

To work in the cloud with the call center:

– Drivers with phones on Android with GPS-receiver
– Telephony for calling customers (or GSM-modem, or VoIP-gateway, or SIP-channel)

You will not need separate equipment for the server, no PBX or anything else that is not listed above. In some cases, you may not need modems or gateways. Everything depends on the capabilities of your city’s providers and their tariffs.

What number to buy and how to connect it to the program? Do I need locks?

Inbound communication is an advertising number to which your customers will call to order a taxi. It is best to purchase a digital number that supports multichannel.

The communication operator will give you connection parameters, login / password, ip-port. This data needs to be transferred to the technical support for customizing the telephony of your company.

Outgoing communication – calls to customers, calls to drivers.

You can use the same digital number. Sip-channel does not require additional equipment from you, but outgoing communication is usually expensive.

For the call through the gateway. Choose an acceptable rate for you from any cellular operator and insert the SIM card (s) into the VoIP gateway. In this case, outgoing communication will be cheap, and the gateway will provide you with a stable and reliable operation. However, the VoIP gateways themselves are worth a lot of money.

GSM-modems will also help you in organizing cheap outgoing calls, but the reliability of modems is several times less than for VoIP-gateways.

If I use a third-party call center, how can I control the quality of calls? I can tell “foreign” operators what and how to tell my client? What will happen if the work of “foreign” operators does not suit me?

Now in the program UpTaxi there are 10 call-centers. You can connect all call centers at once, you can select only some. You can forward the full volume of orders per day to them, but you can adjust the time limits and redirect to the outside call-centers only night orders or calls during peak hours. You can also choose the operators that will receive your calls, prioritize both the call centers themselves and the operators, listen to the negotiations and independently block those who in your opinion deserve it.

Of course, you will have contact with the management of all firms that will serve your orders. By agreement with the heads of call-centers, your calls will be processed according to the scenario you need.

How do you charge for the program?

All write-offs are made automatically. This applies both to write-offs for the use of the program itself, and all others: payment for call-centers, sms and everything else.

You, as the customer of the program, make an advance payment, which is credited to your personal account and displayed in your personal account. It is with this balance that all your payments will be automatically written off.

As a leader, a detailed report will be available on all cash flows for any time period and / or for each individual order.

When does the test period start?

The first 30 calendar days of using the software are provided to you free of charge. The test period of using the software is counted from the moment of installing the software on your equipment and providing you with an account (login, password). From the 31st day, debits are automatically started.

Is there a driver application for the iPhone?

Yes, download.

How to get access to the demo version of the program?

There is no demo version of the program. For a general idea of the program, you can watch a video of the presentation and read the description on our website.

To test the UpTaxi program, we provide 30 days for free!

Note: A free period is provided only to working companies that have 50 or more successful orders per day.